Two under two!


I’ve always wanted tons of children and I still envision six babies running around in a chaotic yet beautiful mess of a home. Of course I wanted to study, finish my degree and experience the World first and this I sure did! However I always knew, come the day I would meet my soul mate (or meet him again in my case) I would settle down and create and raise a BIG family in a household full of love. I am now getting to live the life I wished and prayed for with my soul mate and best friend and I get to live out my dreams of being a mama to my precious seven-month-old son Hector, my baby A who is currently taking up space in my tummy and my bear, our dog, Maximus and for all of this I am just so thankful! I am now almost twenty weeks along in my second pregnancy and while I figured I would be pregnant again within a year or two (if God would have it) and have our babies about sixteen to twenty-four months apart never did I imagine we would get pregnant again just three months after having our firstborn! So was the pregnancy planned? Nope.. But oh so welcomed! (NB. You can get pregnant while breastfeeding!!!!). I am now due on February fourth 2017 and our boys will be exactly twelve months apart. I am so excited to mother two babies under two, it will be one crazy yet beautiful ride!

I hope you are all having a great week so far.

Xx Melissa

My pregnancy style second time around.

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This past week I have been doing a bit of retail shopping. I have recently been reflecting on my last pregnancy and what I would change this second time around, fashionably speaking that is…. Last time around I was constantly wearing my yoga wear. I was teaching on a daily basis up until two weeks before giving birth and honestly my work wear was just so damn comfortable and stretchy and so I kept it on outside of classes. However, it’s not the most feminine look and being the Yin person that I am I should be wearing much more womanly clothing such as long dresses, feminine trousers and skirts. So this second time around I’ve been sporting a variety of feminine looks, which is so much more fun and exciting to me! Long floral summer dresses have especially been a favorite of mine so far during this pregnancy. They’re comfortable, flattering, and oversized looks are chic as ever this season, which is great for growing mammas like myself.

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That being said I also like the tight long dress look, I find it super feminine and sexy and I get to show off my growing bump and the curves that follow. I have found ZARA to be the place to shop for dresses and skirts and I have bought a few things on The Outnet and Net-a-porter as well. Autumn is now here and I am slowly changing into long skirts and pastel knit sweaters paired with ballerinas. I am excited to see where my pregnancy style will take me this time but one thing is for sure… Unless I am doing yoga or out for a long walk you won’t be seeing me in my workout gear!! I have come to realize how important proper clothing actually is… Not to feed my ego but to make myself stronger by feeling more feminine.

Xx Melissa



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Hi guys.

You can now follow my motherhood journey on instagram @venus_and_aeneas – Hope to see you there.

Xx Melissa

The Name Behind The Blog

Hi guys.

So since I started the blog about three weeks ago, I have had a lot of questions in regards to the name Venus&Aeneas, and of course there is a story behind it…. It’s a story about a mother and her son, and the love and protective guidance she gives him throughout life.

People who know me know that I am very much into Astrology and Roman/Greek history. Vedic astrology is especially of great interest to me. When I work with clients, talk to or help out a friend, I always keep their starsign in mind. The traits of a given starsign and its planet ruler has so far in my experience never failed.

I am myself a Taurus and my planet ruler is Venus why I have always had a great interest in the planet, named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus. Venus was, in Roman mythology,  the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. She was the Roman counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite. Venus mothered many children with different Gods and had several mortal lovers with whom she also had children. A famous son of hers was the warrior, Aeneas. In Greek-Roman mythology Aeneas was a Trojan Hero, son of prince Anchises and goddess Venus (Aphrodite). His father was a first cousin of King Priam of Troy making Aeneas a second cousin to Priam’s wellknown and historic son prince Hector (Prince Hector is actually whom we decided to name our son after). 

According to the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, Anchises was seduced by Venus. Venus had disguised herself as a Phrygian princess and it was only nine months later that she revealed her divine identity as she presented Anchises with their son Aeneas. Venus warned Anchises never to brag about their affair lest he be struck by Jupiter. Unfortunately, Anchises did brag and was crippled by Jupiter’s bolt.

Venus and Aeneas developed a special mother-son relationship. She protected him throughout life and helped him conquer and survive many battles. Venus furthermore helped Aeneas escape Troy with his son and father as the city burned to the ground during the Trojan war. Aeneas later, according to Virgil’s Aenid, managed to escape to Italy, where he was fated to found Rome guided by his divine mother Venus.

This was of course the short version as there a many stories about Venus and her son, Aeneas. However, it has become clear from them all that Venus represents the feminine aspect in all of us. She is the creational Earth Mother. She is the essence of motherhood and she fiercely loved, protected and guided her children through the journey of life, hence why I chose to name my platform, Venus&Aeneas……


Week Seventeen

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One of the great things about having a blog is that I get to keep a pregnancy diary, one that I will be able to look back at years from now. Sharing these memories with you is quite special to me and I hope you can somehow relate to my pregnancy journey.

Tomorrow, I will enter week seventeen and I can’t belive that in a few more weeks I will already be halfway through my second pregnancy. My last pregnancy felt like years and I couldn’t wait to meet our little boy! Not that I can’t wait to meet our new little boy, I think about him constantly, but these days Hector seems to make time fly by and most days I hardly even notice that I am pregnant. Also my stomach is much smaller this time around (with Hector, I looked six months pregnant at seventeen weeks!!!) and so I do actually seem to forget that I am pregnant. My fiance keeps having to remind me that I am every time he sees me move furniture around or carry heavy groceries.

I can’t wait for my stomach to grow, I love a pregnant belly, and I am so excited to feel my little baby move around, which I should be able to within the next two weeks. I have been beyond blessed so far. It’s been an easy pregnancy, just like the first one. Of course I have had the morning sickness and I have felt extremely tired, but other than that I can’t complain. In fact I will not complain about anything! I am just so thankful that I yet again get to experience this amazing journey and I can’t wait for my two boys to meet. Hopefully they will be best friends for life!

I will continue to keep you updated on my second pregnancy along the way and I must say sharing my pregnancy journey with you makes it even more special.


Xx Melissa

Hector’s Birth Story


It all started on Wednesday, January the 27th, exactly seven days past my due date. I woke up in the morning feeling very different, no contractions yet but something was definitely on its way. My fiance decided to work from home that day and later in the afternoon we went for a long walk with our dog in the forest. As we walked out of the forest I looked up at the sky. It looked uneasy and rough and I immediately felt it was a sign. At ten PM my contractions started and the whole night I was having contractions, breathing calmly through every one of them, able to stay relaxed in bed, yet unable to sleep. By morning the contractions intensified and got regular and after a talk with the hospital we decided it would be best for us to come in and see how far I was in the process.  

”You still have two centimetres cervix left and no dilation yet. ” Not the words you want to hear after a night of no sleep and fourteen hours of contractions. Right on, home we went. We stayed positive. I had always had a feeling I would have a long first labour, little did I know how long! The whole of Thursday day, evening and night I was having regular contractions four minutes apart and lasting over a minute. I did light yoga,  accupressure, fuelled up on kidney energy whilst trying to relax and got myself through another night of no sleep. God I was tired… I kept in touch with the hospital and come Friday night we were on our way to the hospital again. I needed to sleep, I needed some relief.

We were greeted by the nicest midwife who really felt for my situation. I was now one centimetre dilated and she suggested we spend the night at the hospital, they could thereby keep an eye on me. She gave me shot of morphine in my thigh in order for me to get some sleep. I felt a bit sad as I had hopes of a completely natural birth (I have not taken antibiotics nor painkillers in years), however, I also knew there would come a time where I would have to push and I would need some sleep in order to get through the last stages of labour successfully. The morphine helped me relax but the relief was short-lived. My contractions kicked in and by midnight I was four centimetres dilated.

We soon received a room…and at around one AM I asked for an epidural. I told myself that sleep and relaxation was of great importance now and after fifty-one hours of contractions and no sleep, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I got the epidural, however, the relief was yet again short-lived. As the epidural kicked in my blood pressure went down and they had to take it off immediately. I was now six centimetres dilated and still had a long way to go. By ten AM I was ten centimetres dilated and close to having our son in my arms.. Or at least so I thought I was. It took us another long four hours to get him out but with great help from experienced doctors out he came!!!! Safe, healthy and BIG weighing in at 4,16 kilo. Hector was, thank God, unaffected by the long birth and ready to enter the world. In total my labour lasted about sixty-four hours and while I have never been so exhausted mentally and physically, I would do it again tomorrow. It was the toughest yet most rewarding experience of my life and I will be doing it all over again in six months time. However, this time I am hoping for a shorter labour, just one experienced midwife in the room (and not a team of twenty) and perhaps even the water birth I had planned for first time around. One thing I have learned is you have no control during childbirth, your body takes charge and the more you let go, relax and just breathe through it, the smoother your labour will be.

XX Melissa



My Pregnancy Journey

Hi mammas.

Last Thursday, my fiancé and I discovered we were expecting another baby boy and we are just so excited, but we both already from the beginning had a strong feeling that it was a boy so it was no big surprise. However, our little boy is thriving and growing and it felt so good to see him again! This was our second scan as our first 12 weeks scan was done privately. Our second scan was done in the same hospital I gave birth to our firstborn and I have to admit I experienced different feelings as we parked our car outside the hospital. Obviously the day I gave birth was the best day in my life but my days in labour were tough, mentally and physically. I will give you my exact birth story in an upcoming post but for now I will concentrate on my first pregnancy.

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Even though my labour was hard work my entire first pregnancy was one amazing ride and even at nine months pregnant I had no complains. The first three months were the toughest and I had to support my body with the right nutrition and gentle stretches. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the kidneys and the liver are the two organs that together control fertility and support a pregnancy. The two meridians both run trough the female gender organ (and the male gender organ) and especially the kidneys are said to be responsible for reproduction and the health of the uterus. Therefore when the kidneys become drained or blocked due to excessive exercise, malnutrition, a stressful lifestyle and/or lack of proper sleep our fertility suffers and a pregnancy can become difficult and troubled. During my pregnancy I was inspired by the theories of TCM and decided to drop all excessive exercise and focus on daily short walks and light asanas. I furthermore ate lots of carbs, such as couscous, potatoes and oranges as well as protein such as pork, all of which provide tons of kidney energy. I also made sure I got my eight to nine hours of sleep every night. When pregnant, most women including myself, experience morning sickness and intense headaches, this according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is when the liver heats up which is common during pregnancy. Lots of raw cucumber, a cup of green tea and glass of organic red wine are all perfect nutritional tools that can help cool down the liver and thereby minimize both nausea and headaches. This helped me a lot and made my first three months, which are often the worst for pregnant women, extremely easy and bearable. I later on in my pregnancy experienced no problems not even lower back nor pelvis problems (often the case during the lasts months of pregnancy, especially when carrying a big child which I sure did). This again is related to the strength of the kidneys and drained kidneys often show symptoms such as lower back pain and a weakened pelvis according to TCM.

Today, six months after I gave birth to my son, I am fifteen weeks pregnant and I am thankful to say that my second pregnancy has so far been one smooth ride even with a toddler in constant need of supervision. This time around I have and will continue to yet again focus on my kidneys with the right nutrition and acupressure to keep my kidney energy in flow and unblocked. I will furthermore support my liver by cooling it down when needed. Daily short walks and asanas as well as good sleep (as good as it gets with a six months old toddler who requires very little sleep) are all also vital to another successful pregnancy and hopefully an easier delivery this time around. I have two trimesters left and I will keep you updated on my pregnancy journey along the way.

Do weigh in on the topic of pregnancy. I would also love to hear your own pregnancy story (or stories).

xx Melissa


Hi guys!

I am so excited to get started on this journey with you all!!!

The blog will primarily follow my journey as a new mother as well as draw on my experiences as a yoga teacher and health counsellor. My wish for this blog is for it to become a platform for all mothers, women with fertility problems, women who tend to miscarry, pregnant women, new mamas and experienced mamas as I truly believe the role as a mother starts the day we either plan for a child or discover we are pregnant, whether or not we experience a successful pregnancy. The blog will be honest and real because let’s be honest – motherhood, even though a blessing and so much fun, is not always the easiest and while I have always had a great respect for mothers, that reverence only increased as I myself fell pregnant and became a mother. I now understand that there is no more challenging and demanding yet more important and rewarding ‘job’ than being a mother. I will encourage you to comment and share your own stories and experiences along the way and I can’t wait to hear your personal views on the different topics.

I have furthermore with my new role as a mother developed a passion for cooking, recipes which I will be sharing along the way.

I hope you will hop on this journey with me. Xx Melissa